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What are neat piles of leaves for?

The highest end for a human person is holiness, sanctity, oneness with God.
The highest end for a pig…is bacon.
For a daisy, it is being tucked into the curls of a little girl’s hair.
For a new white shoe, it is getting muddied by a romping boy.
For a neat pile of leaves, it is to be scattered by laughing children.
For a nicely painted wall, it is to be smeared by the greasy, busy, life-filled fingers of carefree play.
For your aching body, it is to be given, risked, used up for the sake of others.
For an hour, it is to be wasted with somebody you love.

Don’t let the inefficient, wasteful, counter-productivities of life worry and distract you when there is usually something much more important going on at the same time. Keep the highest ends in mind so you don’t miss the whole point of everything.

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