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The Procrastinator

Once I finish this book.
Once the new year begins.
Once I organize my closet.
Once I get the promotion.
Once it’s not so hot outside.
Once it’s not so cold outside.
Once I start school.
Once I finish school.
Once we get settled in.
Once we start Lent.
Once we start Advent.
Once I’m caught up on sleep.
Once I plan it all out.
Next year.
Next time I’ll do it right.
Next time we’ll take our time.
Next time we’ll stop to smell the roses.
After we move.
After the kids start school.
After the kids finish school.
After my shoulder heals.
After my back feels better.
After just this one, last time.
When timing is right.
When everyone is feeling better.
When we can plan on it.
When more people can come.
When things aren’t so busy.
When we can enjoy it more.
When I have more energy.
Once I’m in a good routine.
Once I have things under control.
Once we get through this season of life.
Once I turn 21.
Once I turn 30.
Once I turn 40.
By the time I’m 50.
After I retire.
Once the grandchildren start school.
After the grandchildren finish school.
Once I’ve recovered from surgery.
Once I’ve finished this round of treatment.
Once I’m back on my feet.
Before it’s too late.
It all starts…tomorrow.

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