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Why modernity remains primitive

The problem is…the default modern lifestyle has not been designed to prioritize the most important things in life. Instead, it’s developed over time to be exceptional at other things…like making us rich, highly productive, longer-living, comfortable, entertained and very technologically advanced. Not bad things, except that in many cases these achievements have come at the expense of being with our children, nurturing our marriages, working as a family, spending time with God, and serving our neighbor.

The true advancement of a civilization is not measured by its technology or wealth, but by much more important metrics. A truly advanced civilization (i.e. one making meaningful progress) should be marked by more quality time spent with our kids (not less). By stronger marriages. By more quality leisure. By a great increase in people doing work that is healthy and meaningful. By greater economic and social stability. By an increasingly faithful generation, living next to better-served neighbors.

The truth is, by the most important metrics, modernity remains fairly primitive.

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