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Two Lights: Which is more real?

There are two lights.

The first light shows all the imperfections and blemishes of her face.

The second light shows no such imperfections, but the smooth contour of her beauty, a precious soul peering through mysterious eyes, her joy in this moment radiating from a smile, love for you dangling vulnerably off each curl of her hair.

Which light shows more truth? More important truth? Which is a better, fuller representation of reality?

The first light is like Science, helpful for certain things, most of which are relatively unimportant. But the second is more true. What it shows is more real, more important, and more of her.

A good education should be rich in the second light and limited in the first. But today, in almost all cases, it is the opposite.

Modern Man, looking at the world and in educating our children, has fallen too much in love with the first light and has a fast diminishing regard for the second. Such a narrow view of the world leads to narrow minds that have an impoverished understanding of Truth, blind to the most important and meaningful things in life.

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