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It’s too late for me

When it comes to going back to the home, you may feel a great desire (or even need) to make major, positive changes to your lifestyle. Good!

But what if such changes are too drastic? Too hard? Or maybe it feels like it’s too late? My kids are too grown. I’m too far down this career path. I’m too committed and invested in my current community and home that such major changes would be impractical, inefficient, seemingly impossible…maybe even irresponsible.

You might be right. Many parts of this movement, to become widely adopted, will require restructuring large parts of our society and how they operate. The economy, industries, businesses, education, cities, neighborhoods, along with cultural mindsets deeply rooted in who we think we are, will all have to change. And they will take generations to be fully tried and enjoyed. For these, therefore, we must think generationally. What small step can you make in your lifetime which will benefit your children or their children? You have the power to nudge your entire family in a more positive direction for generations to come. That may be what you are called to do.

However, you might also be wrong. And what seems impossible right now might actually just be hard. What sounds impractical might end up fun. And what haunts you as just a little too radical of a sacrifice…might be just the spark that changes everything. What if?

What if it’s not too late? What if everything could be very different? What would that look like?

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